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                                           CV - Denise Reichenbach


Queensland College of Art Brisbane/Australia

National Art School Sydney  

Abendakademie - Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig/ Germany

Selected Exhibitions

DEVIL IN THE FORM OF A WHORE, Rubicon Ari, Melbourne, Australia 2017. 

GRILLZ/ OPEN STUDIO, Metro Arts, Brisbane, Australia 2017. 

MAMA GARAGE GOODBYE, Wolle B., Germany 2017

PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE, MPS4, Leipzig, Germany 2017

COLLECTOR RESIDENCY, Berlin, Germany 2016/2017

AMBIENCE  STORE PROJECT # 6 , Ambience Store curated by Cultural Flanerie, Brisbane, Australia, 2016.

NUNDAH ART PRIZE,  Brisbane, Australia, 2016.

SOLO SHOW - Challengers of the Unknown, Metro Arts, Brisbane, Australia, 2015. 

THE COLLECTIVE, Crow Street Creative, Gladstone, Australia, 2015.

Open Studio Exhibition, Metro Arts, Brisbane, Australia 2015

Studio Exhibition Denise Reichenbach, Big Ci Artist Residency Program, Blue Mountains/ Sydney, Australia 2015. 

Queensland Figurative Art Award ,RQAS, Brisbane, Australia 2014

SOLO PLACE, Childers Emerging Arts Space, Childers, Australia 2014 

GROUp WORKOld Bomb Factory Gallery, Brisbane, Australia 2014

Red Door – Exhibition, LA51 Gallery, Brisbane, Australia 2014

Bayton Award, Rockhampton Art Gallery, Rockhampton, Australia 2013, Selected Finalist.

10000 Small Scale Art Award, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane, Australia 2013, Selected Finalist.

Linden Postcard Show, Linden Arts Centre, Melbourne, Australia 2013.

Belle Arti Prize, Chapman& Bailey Gallery, Melbourne, Australia 2012.

Emerald Art Prize, Emerald Art Gallery, Emerald, Australia 2012, Selected Finalist.

Martin Hanson Memorial Awards, Gladstone Regional Gallery, Gladstone, Australia 2012, Selected Finalist

GROUP: Surrender _Denise Reichenbach & Mandy Kunze, Tondoon Botanical Gardens, Australia, 2012.

Breaking the mould-New Beginnings, Creative Gladstone Artspace, Australia, 2011

Brigalow Arts Festival, Biloela, Australia 2011 Selected Finalist.

Intercity Images, Gladstone Regional Gallery, Gladstone, Australia, 2011 Selected Finalist

SOLO- INTERCONNECTED, Tondoon Botanical Gardens, Gladstone, Australia 2011

Circle Art Exhibition, Creative Gladstone Artspace, Gladstone, Australia, 2010

Martin Hanson Memorial Awards, Gladstone Regional Gallery, Gladstone, Australia, 2010 Selected Finalist

Martin Hanson Memorial Awards, Gladstone Regional Gallery, Gladstone, Australia, 2009 Selected Finalist

Small Works Exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2008

Salon D 21, Kunstraum D21, Leipzig, Germany, 2007

Selected Works Exhibition , Artavara Gallery, Dacia , Romania, 2004


Highly recommended Award,  Brigalow Arts Festival, Biloela, Australia 2011.


March 2015 - BigCi Artist Residency, Blue Mountains/Sydney, Australia, 2015.


January/ February 2014 – Travel to Leipzig, Munich, Germany and Prague, Czechoslovakia – Looking at Paintings in Museums.

May/June 2013 – Travel to Leipzig, Halle, Dresden, Germany and Art Basel + Volta Art Fair, Switzerland- Looking at Paintings in Museums, Galleries and Art Fairs.

October/ November 2010- Travel to Munich and Leipzig, Germany- Looking at Art in Museums and Galleries.

Member of NAVA ( National Association of the Visual Arts, Australia )