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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

New Painting - "Protest Activity" - 2015.

                                                   1 x 1.2m/ Gouache and Acrylic on Canvas
                                            SOLD - PRIVATE COLLECTION/ AUSTRALIA



                                                                    Hello, Hello....

I thought I share with you some photos and experiences, which I made through my three      week residency at Big Ci in the Blue Mountains in Australia. 
I had a great time and was able to consolidate my practice. 

   There is a very special atmosphere in the Blue Mountains, it is very moving and let's you         explore your own work on a deeper level. What I found especially interesting is that for the first time since I arrived in Australia 8 years ago, I felt compelled to capture the Australian landscape. This has never been a priority before and I see this as a sign of me feeling more at home in Australia now. There is always a reason, why you suddenly change your approach in your art making and it usually has to do with inner or outer changes in your life. For me being a migrant and feeling compelled to draw and paint the Australian landscape was a huge deal, because it meant so much more than just painting a different subject matter.

 My work has been influenced by this deep seated energy of nature. There are some characters in my painting , which emerged later in the process and I am convinced, that they appeared because I had been taking in hidden layers of history and spirituality.