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Wednesday, 16 September 2015


                                                     Acrylic on Paper,  90 x 45 cm, 2013.

                                                         Private Collection, Australia.

Saturday, 23 May 2015


Hey Peeps and lovely folks out there, 
I am sharing some photos from my Open Studio Night, as part of Metro Arts Friday Nights Events. The Open Studio was a full success and so many people came to see my studio and my work. Thank you so much everyone for coming and supporting me and my practice. I really appreciate it!

Me and my very talented german friend Janie Petersen, made a very yummy german apple cake which was gone in one hour. 

We had the pleasure to have a guest, who specialised in pocket portraits for $ 5 Dollars and a mix of interesting artspeak and philosophy. He actually got the concept behind my new work in seconds.                                                                          Could not believe it...;-)

 I am hoping to have another Open Studio later in the year, so make sure you drop by to have a chat                                                   and get an insight into my studio process.

     Invitations will be send out through my newsletter and Facebook Page, so make you sure connect
       through these channels to receive them. You can sign up to my newsletter here on this website.

                                                                         Thanks everybody!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

New Painting - "Protest Activity" - 2015.

                                                   1 x 1.2m/ Gouache and Acrylic on Canvas
                                            SOLD - PRIVATE COLLECTION/ AUSTRALIA



                                                                    Hello, Hello....

I thought I share with you some photos and experiences, which I made through my three      week residency at Big Ci in the Blue Mountains in Australia. 
I had a great time and was able to consolidate my practice. 

   There is a very special atmosphere in the Blue Mountains, it is very moving and let's you         explore your own work on a deeper level. What I found especially interesting is that for the first time since I arrived in Australia 8 years ago, I felt compelled to capture the Australian landscape. This has never been a priority before and I see this as a sign of me feeling more at home in Australia now. There is always a reason, why you suddenly change your approach in your art making and it usually has to do with inner or outer changes in your life. For me being a migrant and feeling compelled to draw and paint the Australian landscape was a huge deal, because it meant so much more than just painting a different subject matter.

 My work has been influenced by this deep seated energy of nature. There are some characters in my painting , which emerged later in the process and I am convinced, that they appeared because I had been taking in hidden layers of history and spirituality.

Friday, 20 February 2015


Me and Sue Beyer, fellow artist and friend got captured by The Weekend Edition recently. 

You can find more pics of the night here.

We went to one of GOMA's Up Late Series , during the Future Beauty 30 years of Japanese Fashion Exhibition. 

It was a great night and Japanese Punk Band Shonen Knife rocked up a storm.

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Hello everyone, 
today I am showing three of my recent works from my weekly life drawing class. I have been going to a tutored Life Drawing Class for nearly 18 months and I am very happy with the results. I never thought, I would be able to draw like this, but with the help of my teachers Ryan Daffurn and Scott Breton, who have been very patient and structured in their approach...I had this breakthrough in drawing the human figure.
Through this commitment to ongoing learning, I am now  able to formulate ideas through drawing, therefore complementing my vision. 

 In my opinion this is what learning technical skills is all about... it is a means to an end, helping you to feel confident in your own art making and therefore helping to shape what you want to express to yourself and to the world.  It is about you finding your creative voice and unique expression, regardless of what other people think.

Both of my teachers, demystified the concept of " drawing perfectly"..casting aside the notion of my drawing having to look good, suggesting to just concentrate on the task before me... 
With this pressure being out of the way and an atmosphere of non-judgement, I just looked at the figure in terms of masses and lines, without getting caught up in detail. I never felt like I was " not good enough" , which is at least in my opinion the most important gift an art teacher can give you.  

 I am very grateful for their teaching, as they have given me the confidence to tackle problems in painting and drawing, which I have been avoiding consistently through all my years of practice. The only reason why I was so resistant to drawing in a slow and structured manner was a deeply held belief, that I just can't do it and will never be able to draw or paint like that. This creative block was THE only barrier, it was not my ability to draw or mark making.IIt was my mind telling me, that it is impossible. 
In my teaching, I therefore place a lot of importance in supporting my students to trust their creative intuition and to uncover their creative barriers, as it is never about your ability in drawing or painting, it is about your disbelief in yourself. 

Thursday, 22 January 2015


 I am taking part in a fun project, called the Collage Scrap Exchange, where you get teamed up with a buddy, from somewhere in the world and then you mail each other Collage Scraps, which are being used to create a new piece of art.. Collage is something I really love doing, so I am excited to be a part of this creative collage exchange!

 My buddy is from Bratislava in the Slovak Republic, which is a beautiful city in Eastern Europe.                                                                         Definitely worth a visit!