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Sunday, 16 November 2014


I guess many of you, will be familiar with the concept of the artist being the seismograph of society, the great fore teller, the one with emotional and mental filters open wide. This concept is highly fascinating to me, not only because I am a witness to it everyday, but also how intriguingly accurate, the unconscious and unspoken worlds are.

" Study of Figure 3"- Charcoal on Paper/ 2011

" Study of Figure-4". Charcoal on Paper/ 2011. 

I am always taking risks when working, if I don't take risks, the work goes stale, if I take it...I might destroy it. I usually go with the risk, because I trust the process to lead me, where I need to go...and usually it leads me into deep territory.

" Dancer", Biro on Paper/ 2010.

The language of symbols and images is inherent in all of us and it can be a powerful medium for transformation. 


Some more exciting news, with regards to exhibitions for 2014. 
One of my artworks has been selected to feature alongside the Queensland Regional Art Awards Exhibition " Living Change", as part of the Emerging Artist Space in Childers. The painting is called " The balance of things" and is currently installed at CHARTS Emerging Artist Space, until the 10th of January 2015.