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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


HARMONIE - Faber Castell Pen, Gesso on Paper 30x 30 cm- 2013

                              WELLEN- Faber Castell Pen, Gesso on Paper, 40x 40 cm - 2013

I have exciting news to share.....:-) I have been selected as a finalist in the Lethbridge Art Award - 2013!
All of my entries have been pre-selected for this  exciting art competition, including the work "Lifetrap". 
I am incredibly proud to have been given this opportunity and I feel very happy about it. 
The works above are the two entries, that got selected. 
Both of them have german titles, which translate as following: HARMONIE = engl. Harmony; and WELLEN = engl; Waves. Both deal with the impact of certain internal dynamics in relationships, and how unconscious emotional patterns between human beings can be visualized through form, line and colour.